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Requirements Management


Requirements Management, Requirements Definition and Requirements Engineering practices are the foundations of project success.


According to research reported in the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) handbook, only 15% of projects employing a lower level of systems engineering expertise  and capability deliver higher levels of project performance, as measured by satisfaction of budget, schedule, and technical requirements.  In contrast, 57% of projects employing a high level of systems engineering expertise and capability deliver high levels of project performance as measured by the same criteria.


IBM Watson IoT™ (Internet of Things) software offers best practices in requirements definition and requirements management, proven to save time and money by accelerating time to market, increasing productivity, minimising risks and ensuring traceability of requirements.

Featured Products

IBM® Rational® DOORS®
Requirements management, traceability, and impact analysis capabilities for more formal, rigorous requirements engineering purposes, primarily suited to organisations creating manufactured systems and products.
IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation (DNG)
The next generation requirements management tool for embedded and complex systems built on Jazz™ platform.

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